Membership Categories

Active member

Active members constitute the main body of the Society who have a major interest in the cardiovascular and thoracic surgery fields.

Associate member

Associate members consist of perfusionists, nurses, scientists, physician assistants, data managers, and other health care professionals who support and work directly with cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons. Associate member candidates must prepare the appropriate documentation regarding their ongoing position.

Trainee member

Trainee members consist of surgeons who are enrolled in an educational or training program accredited by the authority of each area. Trainee membership candidates must add the appropriate documentation regarding their ongoing education or training program in which they are enrolled. The Trainee membership cannot be held for more than five years and applicants are obliged to state the expected date when specialty training will be completed.

Supporting member

Supporting members consist of Individuals, companies, or groups that have interest in and the intention to support the cardiovascular and thoracic surgery fields.

Senior member

Active members may become a Senior Member upon reaching the age of sixty-five, if his or her intention of unsubscribing to the official journal of the Society is expressed in writing to the Secretary-General.

Honorary member

Honorary Membership shall be reserved for such distinguished persons who have achieved prominence in medicine and who have contributed to the advancement of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Membership fees

CategoryAnnual Fee
Active member180USD (worth of JPY18,000)
Associate member60USD (worth of JPY6,000)
Trainee member60USD (worth of JPY6,000)
Supporting member1,000USD (worth of JPY100,000)
Senior memberNo fee
Honorary memberNo fee