ASCVTS Furuse Award and AATS Foundation Award

ASCVTS Furuse Award had been delivered to the best presentation at the ASCVTS annual meeting for the whole field since 2011.

In2016, the American Society for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) started the AATS Foundation Award at the 24h annual meeting of the ASCVTS held in Taipei. The AATS Foundation Award was delivered to the best presentation for general thoracic domain and the Furuse Award was delivered the best one for Cardiac domain.

Thereafter, the ASCVTS decided to exchange the domain of the two awards each year.

Both awards have prizes of US $ 1,000.

Applicants for those awards should be the ASCVTS members, regardless of age.

Application Form to the ASCVTS membership could be downloaded at the ASCVTS homepage.